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      Certified Luke Kurtis

      Originally from Miami, Florida, "Certified" Luke Kurtis brings his no-nonsense, deadly style to OVW in his quest to be one of the best in the world.

      With his pinpoint striking and tenacious attitude, he’s been able to become a multi-time OVW RUSH Division Champion but, the popular belief, is his talent knows no division and his future is filled with gold.

      Kurtis is one of the hottest young prospects in wrestling today having already performed in AEW, WWE, NWA and ROH as well as being scouted by Mr. PEC-Tacular and Shannon the Dude for their faction at the 2023 Nightmare Rumble.

      Whether it’s a diving headbutt or his COA Crossface, “Certified” Luke Kurits knows how to get the job done!