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      “The Golden Boy” Andreas John Ziegler, AJZ

      Age: 21

      Ht: 6.1

      Wt: 233

      From: Laguna Beach, CA

      Year started wrestling: N/A

      Hero: Myself

      Catch phras e/mantra: “I’m just being me; I’m being AJZ”, AJZ, “the golden boy”, “You wish you could be me’

      Sig moves/finishers: The 262 TKO

      Special skills: Hybrid, Strength of a Superheavyweight, athleticism of a cruiserweight w a personality of the utmost prestige National Level Freestyle skier, National Bodybuilding beating out enhanced teens and adults as a natural bodybuilder

      Memberships/alliances: Cali is my valet

      Current title N/A Highest, best: OVW Television title 2019 Particularly proud of: N/A

      @AJZiggy1818 Team AJZ @AJZiggy1818 Andreas Ziegler

      Email: Merch: