Justin Smooth

Today’s Stars, Tomorrow’s Superstars

Justin Smooth

Ohio Valley Wrestling Star

Age: 31
Gender: Male
Height: 6’3
Weight: 244
Justin Smooth

You can’t talk about OVW without mentioning the current Heavyweight Champion,Justin Smooth, aka “Hollywood Smooth,” aka “The Trinidad Titan.”

How can one describe this dynamic superstar!? You can’t. You simply have to come to a live OVW show to actually witness the gem that is “Hollywood Smooth” as he proclaims.

Brash, self-centered & conniving are some good examples to start with when describing his characteristics, but still its a complete understatement. So we’ll just leave it with this…You’ll have to witness “The Champ” live to fully grasp his distinctive aura.

Signature/Favorite Move(s)

Bicycle kick (Street Justice)

Elevated spin buster (The Indictment)