Josh Ashcraft

Today’s Stars, Tomorrow’s Superstars

‘The East End Villain’ Josh Ashcraft

Ohio Valley Wrestling Star

Age: 33
Gender: Male
Height: 6’0
Weight: 240
Josh Ashcraft

The mastermind of the Legacy of Brutality has spent almost a decade causing chaos OVW. With that steel ‘Chain of Command’ hanging from his hip, he’s never met a rule he didn’t relish breaking. Don’t let his quick wit or cocky confidence fool you though, as Ashcraft has a sadistic side that has lead a slew of superstars to championships and many opponents to the hospital.

Leading the LOB into battle with a scream of ‘Bring out your dead’ and a maniacal laugh, Ashcraft is a threat at ringside that always gives his men a numbers advantage.

In his own words… ‘The only ‘fair’ fight is one where WE win.’

Signature/Favorite Move(s)

(Upon threat of bodily harm we were told to include these…)

‘Smashcraft’ (Larait)

‘The Old Fashioned’ (Low blow)

‘Static Age’ (F5 variation) (And to be fair, he actually has won quite a few matches…but lost WAY more..)