Dapper Dan

Today’s Stars, Tomorrow’s Superstars

Dapper Dan

Ohio Valley Wrestling Star

Age: 32
Gender: Male
Height: 6’ 3”
Weight: 285
Dapper Dan

Liar, cheat, dirtbag…just some of the words that describe ”The Man” Dapper Dan.

From an insincere retirement to faking a heart attack, there is nothing Dapper Dan won’t do to win a match.

Storyteller or Compulsive Liar…… is there even a difference when it comes to ”The Man”? His actions speak truths that is mouth chooses not to – and those actions say Dapper Dan is a mastermind. And a dangerous one at that.

Signature/Favorite Move(s)

”Painmaker” Rip-Cord Clothesline

”Handlebar Smash” Double Arm DDT

”Dapper Elbow” Elbow with Theatrics

”Dapper Death Driver” Death Valley Driver

”Mustache Ride” (Unknown)