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      America's Reverend, The Chosen One,
      The Blessed One, The Man Who’s Hand is Guided by the Big Man’s Hand Upstairs

      Can we get a “Yamen”?! The “Good” Reverend Ronnie Roberts, with his flowing robe and collection plate in tow, manifested himself within yellow ropes in the latter half of 2020. Early on in his OVW career Roberts caught the eyes of everyone as he nearly defeated then OVW Heavyweight Champion Tony Gunn in one of his first bouts for OVW.

      Ronnie Roberts may be the “holy man with a silver tongue” but he’s absolutely gold inside the squared circle as well. Roberts has read the book on wrestling as much as he’s read The Bible, giving him one of the sharpest wrestling minds in the locker room. His ring awareness and resourcefulness are second to none and when you combine that with his miraculous agility and technical prowess…well the collection plate isn’t the only gold to be expected in his future.