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      The Derby City King

      Dustin Jackson is the hometown boy from Louisville and has lived here his whole life. Dustin attended Evangel Christian School and was a standout basketball player there receiving a scholarship to play in college which he later turned down to pursue wrestling.

      Since arriving at OVW Dustin has dominated the competition – first with his former tag team partner Colton Cage, winning the OVW Southern Tag-Team Championships 4 times! Dustin went on to a very successful singles career, winning the OVW Television Championship twice.

      One of the biggest moments of Dustin Jackson’s time in OVW is when he jumped from a 20 foot Cage onto his former tag partner Colton Cage! Jackson has gone on to compete for the OVW Heavyweight Championship many times. Jackson has not won the “big one” yet, but says, “Eventually OVW will be mine. It’s only a matter of time. I want to be the top guy, somebody the fans will be proud of. Pro Wrestling is what I love and I don’t care if I have to fail a million times eventually I will succeed.”

      It’s hard not to believe him with that kind of confidence.