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      Drew Hernandez

      Drew Hernandez – a former all state defensive lineman, all state wrestler, and 5X high school weightlifting state record holder – first walked through the doors of OVW at 19 years old. He struggled getting matches at first until he realized that he would have to take every opportunity out of the hands of someone else because no one was going to hand him anything. That tenacity led him to being most active wrestler on the roster for the year 2019 by competing in 38 gauntlets and going several rounds in each of them.

      He studied every rule and you can frequently find him bending, stretching, and using those rules to his advantage. Don’t take him lightly though, he’s a hard hitting and aggressive brawler and freak athlete for a man his size – hence the nickname “The Mayan Mauler.”

      Hernandez has a thing about showing out and pulling out a victory when he has a world wide superstar starring across the ring from him. He defeated Jessie Godderz to become OVW TV champion. He has beaten Chavo Guerrero, upset a debuting Mahabali Shera, and fought Sinn Bodhi and Rhino twice each.