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      BIG ZO


      “It's ZO time”
      “Are you serious?”
      “Welcome to ZOvw”

      Zo is one of the original members of the Legacy of Brutality, a group that is known for always making a statement at OVW and achieving all of their goals by “any means necessary.”

      Zo was once a fun loving crowd favorite, known for dancing, connecting with his fans, who he dubbed his “Zoldiers”, and having a fun time. Since rejoining the L.O.B., The once playful Zo seems to be gone, with a new focus on destruction, chaos, and the honor & protection of his Legacy of Brutality “Family.”

      Zo is often referred to as one of the most agile big men on the OVW roster, as his size can deceive you into not realizing that he is a package of speed and acrobatics, to compliment his power and smash mouth style.

      Although you will be hard-pressed to find Zo dancing around the ring, as was his former demeanor, he still loves to be the center of attention. Big Zo has often said that when it’s show time, it’s “Zo Time” and has rebranded OVW as “ZoVW” any time that he is in the ring.

      Although Big Zo started wrestling during his teenage years around 2000, his professional wrestling debut on the Independent Circuit was in February 2014. Zo has been an active member of the OVW roster since May 2016.

      Since joining OVW, Zo has become a 3 time OVW Television Champion and a 2 time Tag Team Champion.