OVW Heavyweight Champion Justin Smooth Interviewed for The Gorilla Position

OVW Heavyweight Champion Justin Smooth was recently interviewed for TheGorillaPosition.com. Smooth spoke on several topics, including:

OVW going live every Tuesday night: “Every time I would go out and compete or perform, I would carry myself in my segments as if I were live on TV, anyway. So, I had that mindset a long time ago – that there’s no room for editing or for correcting mistakes. Now that we switched over live a few weeks ago, it was almost second nature to me at that point. So, when we did our first live show… I felt as comfortable as ever. I had no jitters, I knew what I had to do.”

Being the ‘measuring stick’ on OVW: “That’s why I’m now the measuring stick. I’m what’s leading present-day OVW to get back on the map. For all those fans, those independent fans out there from all over, when they turn on OVW… There’s Smooth. So, moving forward, people will have to measure up to me.”

Read the full interview at TheGorillaPosition.com by clicking HERE.