OVW TV Episode #905 is online!

Television Episode 905

Air Date: 12/24/2016

The Nightmare Scramble continues with 3 more matches with randomly selected tag teams.

A number one contender for the OVW Heavyweight Championship is awarded to the winner of Justin Smooth and Cash Flo.

  • Nightmare Scramble, First Round

    Trevor Steele
    Trevor Steele
    & The Mexicutioner vs. Reverend Stuart Miles
    Reverend Stuart Miles
    & Damion

  • Number 1 Contendership for OVW Heavyweight Championship

    Justin Smooth vs. Cash Flo

  • Nightmare Scramble, First Round

    Zo & Dapper Dan Van Zandt vs. Tyler Matrix
    Tyler Matrix
    & Jade Dawson

  • Nightmare Scramble, First Round

    Diamond & Adam Slade vs. Next Level