OVW TV Episode #743 is online!

Television Episode 743

Air Date: 11/16/2013

In a rematch from last week, Shiloh Jonze will defend his Television Championship against Joe Coleman. Plus Johnny Spade and Jamin Olivencia are proving it to be very difficult to occupy the same place, especially after the way Johnny Spade won his match last week, guaranteeing his shot for Jamin's title.

  • Johnny Spade and Timmy Danger brag about Spade's victory over Jamin Olivencia last week

  • OVW Women's Championship

    Taeler Hendrix vs. Lei'D Tapa

  • Jamin Olivencia produces footage from last week after OVW TV went off the air to prove Timmy Danger interference

  • OVW Television Championship

    Joe Coleman vs. Shiloh Jonze