OVW TV Episode #730 is online!

Television Episode 730

Air Date: 8/17/2013

Jessie Godderz must face the music tonight when he must compete in a match against Dean Hill after last week insulting Dean and his personal life. Rudy Switchblade gets another shot at the Television Championship facing Flash Flanagan. And the Nightmare Cup continues tonight.

  • OVW Television Championship

    Rudy Switchblade vs. Flash Flanagan

  • Shiloh Jonze, Joe Coleman, Flash Flanagan, and Raul LaMotta look to recruit members to the Marauders

  • OVW Heavyweight Champion Jamin Olivencia holds a celebration for Jay Bradley

  • Dean Hill holds an announcement that concerns the future of the Women's division

  • Body Guy & Mr. Marvelous Melvin Maximus vs. Lambda Lambda Lambda

  • Mr. PEC-Tacular Jessie Godderz vs. Dean Hill

  • 3-Corner Nightmare Cup Match


    Flash Flanagan & Raul LaMotta vs. VIP Club vs. Mohamad Ali Vaez & Michael Hayes