OVW TV Episode #718 is online!

Television Episode 718

Air Date: 5/25/2013

After last week's self-titled success from the Coalition, Generals Crimson and Jason Wayne give their State of OVW Address, highlighting the firing of Michael Hayes from the Director of Operations role in OVW as a key point in their mission in OVW. Jay Bradley and Jamin Olivencia are on a collision course in OVW.

  • Crimson and Jason Wayne give a State of OVW Address

  • Marcus Anthony vs. Ted McNaler w/ Brittany DeVore

  • Taeler Hendrix vs. Holly Blossom w/ Hannah Blossom

  • OVW Television Championship

    Dylan Bostic vs. Randy Royal
    Randy Royal
    w/ Tony Gunn

  • Paredyse vs. Sam Shaw

  • Non-Title

    Jay Bradley vs. OVW Heavyweight Champion Jamin Olivencia

  • Crimson and Jason Wayne confront a newly reinstated member of the OVW roster