OVW TV Episode #710 is online!

Television Episode 710

Air Date: 3/30/2013

Following last week's victory over Jamin Olivencia to become the number 1 contender for the OVW Heavyweight Championship, Crimson challenges (coerces?) his way into an OVW title shot tonight instead of the April 6 SNS. Plus the longest running wrestling match of all time continues as Rudy Switchblade pursues Jessie Godderz.

  • Crimson, joined by his Coalition, challenges (coerces?) Doug Williams for the OVW Heavyweight Championship tonight

  • Joe Rosa vs. Eddie Diamond w/ Timmy Danger

  • Rudy Switchblade calls out Jessie Godderz in an attempt to win their near 3-week long match

  • Albert E. Baxter II vs. Paredyse

  • OVW Television Championship

    Ryan Howe vs. Rockstar Spud

  • OVW Heavyweight Championship

    Crimson vs. Doug Williams