OVW TV Episode #691 is online!

Television Episode 691

Air Date: 11/17/2012

Director of Operations Trailer Park Trash has been interviewing everyone involved in OVW for information pertaining to his attack by the hands of an unknown assailant. Jason Wayne introduces the newest enlisted member of the Platoon of Wayne. Taryn Terrell has her in-ring debut on OVW against Heidi Lovelace for the Women's title.

  • Non-Title

    OVW Southern Tag Team Champions Jessie GodderzRudy Switchblade
    Best Team Ever
    vs. ParedyseBrandon Espinosa
    Mascara Mafia

  • Jason Wayne introduces a new member to the Platoon of Wayne

    Newest Member vs. Elvis Pridemoore
    Elvis Pridemoore

  • Handicap Match

    Shiloh JonzeRaul LaMotta
    The Wildcards
    vs. Rob Terry

  • OVW Television Championship

    Jamin Olivencia vs. Joe Coleman

  • OVW Women's Title

    Special Guest Referee: Taeler Hendrix

    Taryn Terrell vs. Heidi Lovelace

  • Trailer Park Trash, with Josette Bynum, calls out all OVW talent and personnel to find out who attacked him