Streaming Television Episodes

Ohio Valley Wrestling

Our regular streaming schedule will have all new shows published for debut on Thursday, following the Wednesday taping at the Davis Arena.

OVW is on TV in:

  • Louisville
    • Saturday at 9 am on ION's affiliate station WBNA-TV 21
    • Saturday at noon on RetroTV (digital channel 21.4)
    • Saturday at 10 pm on ‚ÄčION's affiliate station WBNA-TV 21
    • Sunday at 6 pm on ‚ÄčRetroTV (digital channel 21.4)
  • London: Sunday at 7 pm on WOBZ-TV 9.

After the way Marcus Anthony retained his OVW Heavyweight Championship, Danny Davis orders Ryan Howe and Marcus Anthony to compete in a rematch for the Heavyweight Championship. Gilbert Corsey interviews Trailer Park Trash about how the Body Guy was able to cheat his way out of the first blood match. Watch Episode #764 Now!

With only one show left until the Sunday edition of the SNS on April 6, Timmy Danger promises a statement that will permanently change the landscape of OVW. Plus Shiloh Jonze has one last chance for Raul LaMotta to prove he has what it takes to be a Marauder. Watch Episode #763 Now!

Upset with the childish bickering from Timmy Danger, Danny Davis has set the record straight regarding the Sunday edition of the SNS on April 6. He's also placed Adam Revolver in a non-title match against Marcus Anthony with Jamin Olivencia in his corner to protect against interference from Danger. Watch Episode #762 Now!

Shiloh Jonze has Tony Gunn teaming with him against Mohamad Ali Vaez and Michael Hayes to prove his worth in the Marauders. Plus Melvin Maximus defends the OVW Television Championship and Marcus Anthony and Timmy Danger have another encounter with Jamin Olivencia. Watch Episode #761 Now!

Following last week's confrontation between Jamin Olivencia, Marcus Anthony, and Timmy Danger, OVW Owner Danny Davis makes a rare appearance to settle the matter. Ryan Howe and a former OVW Heavyweight Champion compete in a match where the winner gets a shot at Marcus Anthony at the April SNS. Watch Episode #760 Now!

Marcus Anthony and Timmy Danger celebrate the successful title defense against Jamin Olivencia at the March Saturday Night Special. The Reverend Stuard Miles foretells of a holy cleansing coming to the Davis Arena. The Marauders are not happy about the outcome of their match against Flash and Trash at the SNS. Watch Episode #759 Now!

With the Saturday Night Special happening this Saturday, Jamin Olivencia is paid a visit by OVW Heavyweight Champion Marcus Anthony prior to their scheduled confrontation. And after the events at Elizabethtown, Trailer Park Trash has banned several members of the Marauders from the Saturday Night Special. Watch Episode #758 Now!

Dylan Bostic and his new wingman the Mexicutioner look to continue their hot streak in the ring and their blatant disregard for the well-being of Michael Hayes is at an all-time high. Mr. Marvelous defends his OVW Television Championship and Ryan Howe is in action against the Body Guy. Watch Episode #757 Now!

After the challenge last week, the Body Guy gets his match against Melvin Maximus for the Television Championship. After interfering with their business, Mohamad Ali Vaez gets his hands on Dylan Bostic in the main event. And Jamin Olivencia gives his thoughts about Marcus Anthony to Gilbert Corsey. Watch Episode #756 Now!

With Marcus Anthony's vicious victory over the versatile Johnny Spade, Shiloh Jonze and Jamin Olivencia compete in a match to determine a new number one contender for the OVW Heavyweight Championship. Plus Melvin Maximus defends his Television Championship and Dylan Bostic and his wingman compete in tag action. Watch Episode #755 Now!