Streaming Television Episodes

Ohio Valley Wrestling

Our regular streaming schedule will have all new shows published for debut on Thursday, following the Wednesday taping at the Davis Arena.

OVW is on TV in:

  • Louisville
    • Saturday at 9 am on ION's affiliate station WBNA-TV 21
    • Saturday at noon on RetroTV (digital channel 21.4)
    • Saturday at 10 pm on ‚ÄčION's affiliate station WBNA-TV 21
    • Sunday at 6 pm on ‚ÄčRetroTV (digital channel 21.4)
  • London: Sunday at 7 pm on WOBZ-TV 9.

A huge tag team gauntlet match takes place this week to determine who will get a shot at the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles currently held by Jamin Olivencia and Chris Silvio. Marcus Anthony and Adam Revolver team together to take on The Mexicutioner and Randy Terrez. Watch Episode #782 Now!

After a Saturday Night Special which saw the fall of Titus Enterprises, Michael Titus enters into an agreement with the Fabulous Free Bodies to reclaim the Southern Tag Team Championship from Jamin Olivencia and Chris Silvio. Gilbert Corsey interviews the new OVW Champion Melvin Maximus. Watch Episode #781 Now!

Danny Davis reveals his plans to assure that Josh Ashcraft's officiating results in unbiased results. Also Adam Revolver defends his OVW Television Championship against Michael Hayes. Chris Silvion and Jamin Olivencia enter into a shaky agreement to team up and face the Fabulous Free Bodies. Watch Episode #780 Now!

Set up last week, Flash Flanagan will wrestle OVW Heavyweight Champion Marcus Anthony one-on-one in a non-title match. Chris Silvio interviews a former OVW Heavyweight Champion about Jamin Olivencia's integrity. Adam Revolver defends his OVW Television Championship in singles competition. Watch Episode #779 Now!

With last week's revelation that Micheal Titus was the boss of Danger International came the announcement of a series of matches to determine an opponent for Marcus Anthony. The Result? The main event's Fatal 4-Way match between The Body Guy, Rump Thump, Melvin Maximus, and Mike Hayes will determine his opponent at the SNS. Watch Episode #778 Now!

Episode 777 has a 777-sized reveal happening when Timmy Danger is forced by Danny Davis to reveal the true identity of the boss of Danger International. Plus 4 series of matches occur to determine who will compete in a four-way match next week to determine an opponent for Marcus Anthony at the August SNS. Watch Episode #777 Now!

Following last weekend's OVW Heavyweight Championship match from Elizabethtown, Gilbert Corsey discusses the aftermath of that match, including the officiating from Chris Sharpe and Josh Ashcraft. Plus Adam Revolver defends his OVW Television Championship against Eddie Diamond. Watch Episode #776 Now!

Jamin Olivencia and Marcus Anthony compete in a tag team match where the winner gets to choose the referee of their match (only because no one feels that Josh Ashcraft can be trusted). More trouble in the Marauder camp as Shiloh and Poe continue to disagree with one another. Adam Revolver defends his TV title against Paredyse. Watch Episode #775 Now!

Randy Terrez gets a non-title shot at the new OVW Television Champion, Adam Revolver. Plus the return of the psychedelic superstar Chris Silvio continues. And Shiloh Jonze and Jamin Olivencia battle it out with the Marauders - and Clint Poe - at ringside. Watch Episode #774 Now!

After major upsets against Danger International and the departure of Dylan Bostic, Timmy Danger continues to enact the wishes of the mysterious backer of Danger's group. Adam Revolver gets a rematch against Melvin Maxiums for the OVW Television Championship. Watch Episode #773 Now!