Frank Miller Intermediate Class

Ohio Valley Wrestling

The Frank Miller Intermediate Class taught at OVW is dedicated to honing your in-ring wrestling abilities. During the twice weekly, 3 hour sessions, you will participate in matches and receive direct feedback on your performance with offered critiques on how to improve your in-ring ability. This class is meant for those who have graduated the OVW Beginner's Class and also for amateurs looking to move to the next level.

The Class

The class will meet each Monday and Tuesday at 3pm for 3 hours a day during the 10 week term. The cost of entry to the program is $750. If you have improved over the course of the semester, you will be considered for admission into the Advanced Program. If after the semester it is found that you need continued training, it will be recommended to re-enroll into the Intermediate Program for another semester.

If you are a recent graduate of the OVW Beginner's Class, you will receive a $250 discount.

About Frank Miller

Frank Miller was the Director of Operations at Ohio Valley Wrestling and wrestled under the name Trailer Park Trash. He was trained by Danny Davis and Rip Rogers and has competed in the WWF, USWA, and other promotions across the country as well as internationally. Frank Miller was instrumental to the training of OVW's earlier graduates such as Nick Dinsmore, Rob Conway, and other early OVW graduates. His contributions over the last 20 years with OVW have helped shape the culture at the training facility.

For information about the Advanced Program please contact:
Frank Miller
Ohio Valley Wrestling
Attn: OVW Intermediate Program
4400 Shepherdsville Rd.
Louisville, KY 40218

Please note that to join OVW's Training Facility YOU MUST BE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OF AGE and have a Kentucky Wrestling License.