Holly Blossom

Holly Blossom

Ohio Valley Wrestling

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  • Height: 5'3"
  • Hometown: Manchester, England
  • Entrance Music: "Bring it all back" by S Club 7
  • Signature Move: The Blossom Bomb, DDT, Jumping Back elbow
  • Associates: Hannah Blossom


Holly Blossom along with her twin sister Hannah, traveled to Ohio Valley Wrestling one year ago after wrestling in England for 5 years. They both knew if they wanted to make it somewhere in the wrestling business, OVW was the place to be!

Holly loves getting to do the thing she loves most with her sister by her side especially since its the one thing they dreamed about since they were kids.

As well as being a part of OVW, Holly also loves baking, especially ...CUPCAKES!! :)