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Ohio Valley Wrestling

OVW Heavyweight Championship recovered

OVW owner Danny Davis has regained the OVW Heavyweight Championship via a deputy sheriff who recovered it from the former... Read more

OVW TV Episode #611 is streaming

Danny Davis address OVW, and Mike Mondo in particular about his actions last week. Also Rudy Switchblade and Jamin Olivencia... Read more

A Knight in Shining Armor

A dozen tiny necks simultaneously bend backwards as a massive human being looms over them. An ominous duet of lumbering... Read more

OVW TV Episode #610 is streaming

In a night that features a main event Television Title defense between Mohamad Ali Vaez and Paredyse, the focus of... Read more

OVW TV Episode #609 is streaming

No Holds Barred. James Thomas vs. Mike Mondo. OVW Heavyweight Championship. And that's just the main event. OVW has a... Read more

OVW TV Episode #608 is streaming

Gilbert Corsey interviews Mohamad Ali Vaez about getting closer to having the longest, cumulative TV title reign. The interview ended... Read more

Updated: Where's TV 608?

Usually by yesterday evening, the previous week's TV episode is streaming. And by now I know you're sitting at your... Read more

TV Episode 607 is streaming.

With the April Saturday Night Special behind us, the new OVW Television Champion and new OVW Southern Tag Team Champions... Read more

OVW TV Episode #606 is streaming

Days before they meet in Tag Team action at the April Saturday Night Special, Ted McNaler and Christopher Silvio face off... Read more

OVW TV Episode #605 is streaming.

Paredyse bids Ryan Nemeth farewell as he shares his thoughts on having to split from Nemeth. Rudy Switchblade teams with Jamin Olivencia... Read more

Welcome to the new

Your eyes aren't deceiving you. There is no need to adjust your web browser. This is a brand-spanking new website... Read more

Hannah and Holly Blossom Return!

After a win over C.J. Lane, Lady Jojo decided that she needed to show dominance over her defeated opponent. With... Read more

The Tearful Breakup

A challenge was recently made to Fighting Spirit. Ryan Nemeth and Paredyse wanted their OVW Southern Tag Team titles. Nemeth,... Read more

OVW TV Episode #604 is Streaming

Mike Mondo publicly addresses his match against James Thomas at the April 2nd Saturday Night Special. Mohamad Ali Vaez makes... Read more

Saturday Night Special, April 2nd

Mike Mondo won the OVW Heavyweight Championship at the March Saturday Night Special from Cliff Compton in a grueling ladder... Read more