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Ohio Valley Wrestling

OVW TV Episode #617 is streaming

Tonight marks the beginning of the OVW Heavyweight Championship tournament that will conclude at the July 2 Saturday Night Special. Also... Read more

OVW TV Episode #616 is streaming

Only 7 days after a vicious attack by Adam Revolver, Raul LaMotta, and Bolin Services 2.0 orchestrated by Mike Mondo,... Read more

Saturday Night Special - June

Less than 24 hours away... the countdown is on!!  The biggest match in OVW history takes place tomorrow night!! Adam Revolver, James... Read more

OVW TV Episode #615 is streaming

After Mike Mondo interferes with a conversation between the NEW OVW Heavyweight Champion Elvis Pridemoore and Danny Davis, Danny tells... Read more

OVW TV Episode #614 is streaming

Mike Mondo continues to be a thorn in the side of Danny Davis. In a night where Cliff Compton was... Read more

Paredyse is Decadent and Depraved

I was a bit nervous, so I stood at the porch for a moment and finally decided on three modest... Read more

OVW Raises $2000 for Zwicker Family

On a night that begins a weekend where we remember the fallen soldiers that have given their lives for protecting... Read more

OVW TV Episode #613 is streaming

Days after the Saturday Night Special, the new OVW Television Champion Jamin Olivencia defends his title against the former champion... Read more

May Saturday Night Special on DVD

Over the years in wrestling, many people have seen different things on poles in wrestling. Pink slips. Paddles. But seldom... Read more

OVW TV Episode #612 is streaming

Taped just days from the Saturday Night Special, the OVW Heavyweight Championship belt is returned to Danny Davis, the special... Read more

A Chat with Mohamad Ali Vaez

I recently got a chance to run down Mohamad Ali Vaez for a quick interview. Vaez has a chance to... Read more

OVW Heavyweight Championship recovered

OVW owner Danny Davis has regained the OVW Heavyweight Championship via a deputy sheriff who recovered it from the former... Read more

OVW TV Episode #611 is streaming

Danny Davis address OVW, and Mike Mondo in particular about his actions last week. Also Rudy Switchblade and Jamin Olivencia... Read more

A Knight in Shining Armor

A dozen tiny necks simultaneously bend backwards as a massive human being looms over them. An ominous duet of lumbering... Read more

OVW TV Episode #610 is streaming

In a night that features a main event Television Title defense between Mohamad Ali Vaez and Paredyse, the focus of... Read more