May Saturday Night Special on DVD

May Saturday Night Special on DVD

Brass Knuckles on a pole on a DVD.

Over the years in wrestling, many people have seen different things on poles in wrestling. Pink slips. Paddles. But seldom have you seen brass knuckles attached to the top of a pole. After Mike Mondo started using brass knuckles to secure the OVW Heavyweight Championship, brass knuckles started to be seen quite a bit.

That is until Danny Davis, OVW owner, put an end to it. Mondo lost his OVW Heavyweight Championship when he attacked Danny Davis. It almost cost him his job. However Cliff Compton stepped in to prevent that. After Cliff Compton begged Danny to create a match between Compton and Mondo for the now-vacant OVW Heavyweight Championship. Danny agreed and even appointed himself the special referee after Mondo escalated events further.

Also on the card, Mohamad Ali Vaez attempts to secure the highest, consecutive OVW Television Championship run in OVW history. His only challenge is to get past Jamin Olivencia, who has held the Television Championship the most times.

If you were not at the Davis Arena on May 14, you can now watch the historic match between Cliff Compton and Mike Mondo for the vacant OVW Heavyweight Championship featuring Danny Davis as the guest referee. Own your copy of the May Saturday Night Special and watch history over and over.