A Chat with Mohamad Ali Vaez

A Chat with Mohamad Ali Vaez

A moment in history? Maybe. Maybe not.

I recently got a chance to run down Mohamad Ali Vaez for a quick interview. Vaez has a chance to make history soon if he can hang on to the OVW Television Championship for just a little longer.

Steve, ovwrestling.com: Mohamad Ali Vaez, you are quickly approaching the record for holding the OVW Television Championship for the most cumulative days in history. With an accomplishment like that it would be hard to argue that you are not the greatest OVW TV Champion ever. Do you consider yourself the best ever?

Vaez: Clearly you have a future in the journalism business. You reward talent when you see it and obviously you have appreciation for Mohamad Ali Vaez as an institution in this locker room and as a main stay on OVW television. The only thing standing between me and achieving greatness is one match this Saturday at the Saturday Night Special against Jamin Olivencia. A competitor, I might add, that I have already bested on numerous occasions.

OVW: Would you care to expound on the peculiar business situation you currently have with Rudy Switchblade? He must owe you a lot of money to put up with that kind of abuse.

Vaez: Look, you did a good job with the first question. Now you’re slipping, Steve. My business with Rudy Switchblade is not your business. Just know that Rudy will be employed by me until at least May 15th, which, I might add, is the day I climb to the unscalable mountain top! The day I set the standard in this business and the day when I prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am the greatest Superstar to ever walk through the Davis Arena doors!

OVW: What’s next for you after you reach this historic goal?

Vaez: There are a few reality show projects in the works but regardless, don’t fret, Mohamad Ali Vaez will continue to dominate going forward just like I have for the last five years!

This Saturday May 14th, Mohamad Ali Vaez defends his Television Championship against Jamin Olivencia. Stop by the Davis Arena with $10 in hand to see if Mohamad Ali Vaez can retain his Television title and break the record for longest, cumulative title reign. Or maybe watch Jamin Olivencia become the only 6-time Television Champion.